Demolition and Decommissioning: C&H ETS understands the potential environmental issues that are typically associated with demolition projects. We have the experience to cost effectively manage the issues while realizing we are performing a construction project with environmental components.


Earthwork/Landfill Services: C&H ETS has extensive experience in turnkey onstruction involving earthwork and landfill projects. Our landfill experience ranges from limited “hot spot” excavation and disposal to major earth moving projects. Our landfill experience focuses on the closure to residual industrial municipal and hazardous waste landfills.


Asbestos Abatement: Licensed and fully insured in MA, RI, NY, SC, OH and NC. Management of asbestos-containing  materials during  demolition and renovation.

C&H ETS can reduce the bottom line for D&D projects by identifying and implementing cost saving ACM options.

Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Services: By managing OMM activities, C&H ETS maintains the focus on driving down costs.


PCB-Containing Paint: By properly determining that PCB containing painted materials are bulk product waste, not remediation waste, C&H ETS can help D&D clients realize a substantial savings in disposal cost.


Sources of Mercury in Industrial Buildings: C&H ETS’ experience has shown that the cost of managing mercury and painting equipment as a pre-demolition activity and the orders of magnitude less than managing the same equipment during active building demolition.

Sediment Assessment - Sediment Assessment Services:
      * Site investigation design
      * Work plan development
      * Field investigations
      * Assessment of contaminant to flood plains
      * Surface water contaminant transport investigations
      * Natural resource damage assessments
      * Design, sampling, analysis and interpretation of contaminant levels in biota
      * Air pathway analysis
      * Human health and ecological risk assessment
      * Geotechnical data collection
      * Assessment of natural recovery

Health and Safety for Water and Waste Water Facilities: C&H ETS’ experienced staff offers a full range of safety, industrial, hygiene and training services designed to identify compliance issues and implement corrective measures before employee exposure or regulatory action occurs.


Biosolid Management: C&H ETS works with  plant managers who  develop and implement

innovative, reliable and cost-effective biosolid management programs.

Construction Services for Water and Wastewater Facilities: C&H’s field inspectors and field technicians are experienced in applying the latest technology to keep water and waste water facilities fully operational during construction.


Pre-Demolition Survey Services: C&H ETS views demolition projects as construction projects with potential environmental elements. The proactive approach is applied from the early stages of planning through final implementation and permits greater flexibility allowing us to shorten project schedules, adapt specialized technologies and methods for performing the work and manage the project efficiently.

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